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Morning Session—Coal Gasification and IGCC:

                                     Meaning and Current Status


    9:00    Welcome—Dr. Carol Frost—Interim Director, University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources


Gasification and IGCC 101—Dr. Richard Boardman—INEL

What is gasification and how does gasification/IGCC work?  Discussion of the products of gasification, including syn-gas for chemicals and fuels for power generation.  How do the various gasification technologies compare, including mode of fuel feeding and fuel type (bituminous vs. subbituminous).  How does IGCC differ from other power generation processes such as advanced coal combustion and oxy-combustion?  Discussion of the environmental considerations of IGCC, including lower emissions, CO2 readiness, water usage and perceived limitations (e.g. costs and elevation).


Research and Development Initiatives of Western Research Institute—Dr. Vijay Sethi—VP Western Research Institute

Discussion of gasification and IGCC research and development activities at Western Research Institute.


Research and Development Initiatives of the University of Wyoming— Dr. Morris Argyle—UW College of Engineering

Discussion of gasification and IGCC research and development activities at the University of  Wyoming.


Gasification and IGCC: Status and Readiness—Elaine Everitt—U.S. DOE NETL

Discussion of the demonstration and commercial-scale status of gasification technologies in the U.S. and worldwide.  Also a discussion of demonstration programs for IGCC sponsored under the Clean Coal Initiative program and FutureGen.










Afternoon Session—IGCC: State Perspectives and Initiatives


Perspective from the Governor’s Office—Rob Hurless—WY Governor’s Office

Discussion of Wyoming’s view of IGCC in a carbon-constrained future.


Siting and Environmental Assessment of new IGCC Technology—Todd Parfitt—WY Department of Environmental Qquality

Discussion of the safeguards that the Wyoming has in place to ensure  environmentally safe deployment, including CO2 sequestration.


Financing Issues of IGCC Projects—Eric Redman—Attorney

Discussion of the financing of large IGCC projects—the risks, the advantages and the limitations (e.g., high elevations).


Wyoming’s Gasification and IGCC Initiatives—Steve Waddington— Executive Director, WY Infrastructure Authority

Discussion of the WIA and the initiatives related to IGCC, including MOU with California, EP Act 2005, and impact of California Initiatives (AB32).


Role of Wyoming Public Service Commission—Steve Oxley—Chief Council, WY PSC

Discussion of the role of PSC and its rate approval process for power from IGCC plants with and without CO2 sequestration.


 4:00    Closing Comments/Discussions and Wrap-up

Wednesday February 28, 2007

Holiday Inn on the River

Casper, Wyoming




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