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Technology development and support require extensive resources.  We are a research institute with broad perspectives and know-how in science, technology and real-world, on-the-ground conditions.  We advance client technologies as needed from concept to bench scale through pilot testing and commercialization.  Our partnering network reaches deep and wide, extending opportunities to achieve technology acceptance and strong commercial starts.  Alternatively, WRI originates a range of products and technologies for sale or licensing.   

We provide high-quality technical services and analytical and research capabilities for applied studies, problem resolution, and development of new models, methods and technologies.  From one-time, non-routine analysis or trouble-shooting to multi-million dollar development efforts involving scores of partners, WRI extends your reach. 

WRI seeks cooperative projects that bring new technologies and processes to the marketplace. Our areas of interest cover energy and environmental technologies, including new energy processes, bioenergy, and clean fuels, as well as environmental remediation, waste management, asphalt and heavy oil, and other related areas.

Contract Research and Technology Development
Contract services include troubleshooting, analysis, design and optimization, process development and integration, prototyping, testing, scale-up, shake-down, and technology transfer - in short, all the things we do.  At our clients’ request, contract services may be provided on a strictly confidential and proprietary basis, with the results becoming client property.

Specialized Analytical Services and Materials of Construction
WRI technical experts use innovative problem-solving tools and skills along with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation to address specialized needs. We deliver contract research, project support, and troubleshooting to address technology development, production, manufacturing, energy, environmental and transportation materials needs.

Technology Licensing
WRI licenses many of its technologies and processes to firms wanting to meet specific challenges or enhance their product lines and offerings.  Technologies available for licensing are listed on the Products page of this site.

To discuss how WRI can benefit your organization, contact the WRI representative listed as a contact for your area of interest.


Contact :
Donald W. Collins
Chief Executive Officer
Office of the CEO

(307) 721-2209

Jean-Pascal Planche
Vice President
Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies

(307) 721-2325

Thomas F. Turner
Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies

(307) 721-2415

Vijay K. Sethi
Senior Vice President
Energy Production and Generation

(307) 721-2376
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