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WRI Tank Bottom Recovery and Remediation (TaBoRR®) Process
TaBoRR®  is WRI’s patented Tank Bottom Recovery and Remediation process. 
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Tank bottoms are created throughout the oil industry from production to refinery operations.  Often, they remain stored in tanks and open pits, creating both an economic and environmental liability.  WRI’s patented Tank Bottom Recovery and Remediation (TaBoRR®) process remediates tank bottom wastes, promotes compliance with environmental regulations, and recovers a market-ready upgraded product oil. 

WRI’s patented Tank Bottom Recovery and Remediation process – TaBoRR® – separates solids, water and oil from crude oil wastes for disposal and practical use.  The custom-engineered TaBoRR® processing unit is designed to handle wastes of widely varying compositions effectively and economically. 

The TaBoRR® process can handle the following waste feedstocks:

  • Primary production waste
  • Partially processed wastes
  • Pipeline and refinery wastes
  • Used motor oil
  • Pit oil, including contained oil spilled during production and transportation
  • Waste remaining after other processes have reclaimed easily recoverable crude

The TaBoRR® processing unit is custom-engineered for each application.  In its general configuration, it consists of three modules: a flash unit, a stripper, and a pyrolyzer.  The TaBoRR® process breaks the emulsion and releases the water as a harmless vapor.  The product recovery system collects the distilled, residuum-free hydrocarbons, which can be sold as refinery feedstock, thereby increasing revenues and offsetting operating costs.

The TaBoRR® Process avoids the environmental chain of custody, as all process by-products are rendered benign and suitable for landfill or road application.  Each of the TaBoRR® processing modules is self-contained on a transportable skid with its own energy supply and control equipment.  


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