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Asphalt Mixture

WRI has an asphalt mixture lab staffed by expert engineers and includes
  • Aggregate gradation test (sieve analysis)
  • Los Angeles abrasion test for coarse aggregate (AASHTO T 96 & ASTM C 131)
  • Asphalt concrete mixing from component materials
  • Asphalt mixture short-term and long-term aging studies
  • Superpave Gyratory Compactor (SGC) and preparation of mixture speciments for performance evaluation
  • Asphalt mixture volumetrics and Superpave mix-design
  • Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device (HWTD) and subcontracting various cracking tests for balanced mix-design
  • Binder micro-extraction and recovery from asphalt mixtures and determination of binder content.
  • Micro-sampling for forensic studies by small-scale drilling instead of taking typical 6" field cores
  • Binder Extraction and Recovery (both on 6 inch core and micro-scale)

For more information, contact:

Michael Elwardany / Bio
Program Manager for Asphalt
Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies
(307) 721-2203