Catalyst Evaluation Studies

The SET team has developed a small scale, high pressure, continuous flow reaction system for evaluating catalytic activity, and high pressure reactions. Although the system was designed to accommodate high pressures, up to 2000 psi, specific operating conditions may be targeted according to optimal study requirements.

SET developed bench scale high pressure, continuous reaction system.

System Design

The liquid feedstock is delivered under pressure at a constant flowrate using a syringe pump. Sweep gas, which may be composed of either inert or reactive gas, is supplied at a constant mass flowrate before being mixed in-line with the liquid feed. The resultant mixed stream is then preheated ahead of the five cubic centimeter catalyst bed, before the material is quickly brought to desired reaction temperature. Specific liquid hourly space velocities may be targeted as dictated by the catalyst being studied.

Effluent is transferred to a heat exchanger where the gaseous phase is separated from the liquid phase. Produced gas may be analyzed real time by gas chromatograph, and liquid characterization is performed on the collected product by GCMS. All analyses are routinely performed by SET analytical services.

Applications of this reaction system have also been used for conventional hydrotreating of fuel fractions to meet olefin pipeline specifications (less than one percent by mass).

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