WRI Partner Earns Award for New Mercury Removal Te

January 9, 2020

WRI is proud of its role in the development of Novinda Corporation’s Amended Silicates® HgX, a mineral-based approach that removes mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions. In January 2014, the Environmental Business Journal recognized Novinda’s Amended Silicates® with its Technology Merit Award in the Air Quality category. The technology was also named “2012 Product of the Year” by Environmental Protection Magazine.

According to Novinda, data from 25 full-scale power plant tests show that its Amended Silicates® HgX provides air quality regulation compliance with “dramatic bottom line results.” During development Novinda tested its approach using WRI’s Combustion Test Facility (CTF).

The CTF is a pilot-scale coal combustion system that simulates a pulverized coal-fired utility boiler. The CTF can be set up to simulate various power plant firing configurations for testing pollution control systems, biomass co-firing, alternative fuels, and carbon dioxide capture.

Novinda Corporation announced February 3 that it has been awarded a five-year contract to supply Amended Silicates® HgX to remove mercury from four coal-fired power generation units at the Neil Simpson complex operated by Black Hills Power Inc. near Gillette, Wyoming. The Amended Silicates® have been shown to be cost competitive and effective in allowing power plants to meet or exceed the EPA’s stringent Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS).