About Sustainable Emerging Technologies (SET)

Sustainable Emerging Technologies (SET) is a team of dedicated scientists, engineers and technicians devoted to advancing technology development with a “safety first” culture to protect staff, projects, and facilities

The team specializes in advancing emerging technologies from bench scale through pilot scale studies for deployment at the commercial demonstration scale

SET conducts specific heavy oil and bitumen upgrading and conversion studies at the bench and pilot scale

The in-house analytical services are available to support ongoing studies, as well as third party analyses

The team has a track record of successful custom design of laboratory and pilot scale reactors and systems to include a full hazards and operations study (HAZOPS).

Heavy Oil Technology Center (HOTC)

The HOTC has assembled and developed a success driven team, which is ready to undertake your next research project. HOTC facilities encompass a 1600 square foot enclosed high bay and 2500 square foot covered tank farm, along with supporting analytical laboratories . Additional space for testing may be available on an as needed basis.

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Emerging Technology Development

Technologies, which are in the emerging phases of development, have requirements which are similar, but more specific than a pilot scale process. The Technology Development Laboratory (TDL) was designed to accommodate bench and process unit development (PDU) scale studies, which are intended to validate proof of concept. The 2330 square foot TDL facility is comprised of a high bay processing area, and chemical laboratory for routine analyses. As the emerging technology progresses, a pilot plant facility may be developed on-site.

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Analytical Services

Sustainable and Emerging Technologies in-house analytical services is available to support ongoing studies as well as third party analyses

Our Routine Petroleum Analysis Services Include:

  • Hexane Insoluble Determination (Asphaltenes) – ASTM D6560

  • Toluene Insoluble Determination – ASTM D893

  • Automated Density Analysis – ASTM D4052

  • Gas Analysis – ASTM D2504

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