May 5, 2021

Jean-Pascal Planche has served in the role of CEO and Senior VP Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies since February 2020.

Planche joined WRI in 2010, after working as an executive for the TOTAL Bitumen Division, part of the French major oil company TOTAL. An expert in asphalt chemistry, he earned a Ph.D. in macromolecular materials engineering from the University of Lyon.

Planche has authored or co‐authored over 150 scientific papers. In 2011 he was inducted into the U.S. Association of Modified Asphalt Producers hall of fame for lifetime achievement in the development of polymer‐modified asphalts.

His focus is on diversifying WRI’s portfolio of clients, including international corporations, as well as building proactive synergies. Planche values the collaborations WRI has established with the University of Wyoming and other partners. He and his team are integrating competencies and resources within the Institute so WRI is positioned to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to our partners. He commented “Commercially viable innovations are the keys for success, and we are good at it!”