Western Research Institute’s Anti-fouling additive testing services featured in 2023 Q2 PTQ Magazine

May 5, 2023

WRI had developed a pilot platform to perform anti-fouling additive testing in piping, vessels, columns, exchangers, and more. This allows for larger-scale continuous pilot testing, as compared to limited batch testing at the laboratory scale. The scalability of this technology can give industrial operators confidence when deciding if, or how, to incorporate an additive program into their facility to improve reliability, and/or debottleneck operations.

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Petroleum Technologies Quarterly (PTQ), issued by Digital Refining, compiles information from all aspects of the refining, gas, and petrochemical processing industries.

The full magazine article can be accessed here: https://www.digitalrefining.com/article/1002894/anti-fouling-additives-to-improve-heavy-oil-processing