WRI is partnering with Energy Capital Startup Challenge Finalist to recycle wind turbine blades!

December 6, 2023

Western Research Institute is partnering with Energy Capital Startup Challenge finalists Cam and Jess Anderson to recycle turbine blades at scale, using WRI’s patent-pending technology! Find the interview here: Father and son explore turbine recycling idea | Laramie Live and here Father and son explore commercial viability of wind turbine recycling | News | wyomingnews.com

WRI’s thermochemical process aims at upcycling end-of-life wind turbine blades to produce value-added products from the thermoset resins. Simply, WRI is extracting, and reacting, the resins from the blade to produce an asphalt additive, while also recovering the fiberglass.

To learn more about the process, contact VP Jeramie Adams or VP Justin Martin.