The Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT) developed by WRI, provides a fast and accurate way to collect maltene and asphaltene stability parameters. The data is useful for predicting coking to optimizing yield, to predict or determine blend stability, or gauge the effectiveness of additives. The K47100 AFT is available through Koehler Instruments.

Useful for evaluating

  • Asphalt and Crude stability​

  • Additive performance​

  • Blending​

  • Heat exchanger fouling

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT)/Microscopy​

ASTM D 6703​

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT)​

Oil or Asphalt Compatibility​

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT)​

Oil Compatibility/Coke Formation​

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT)​

Oil Compatibility/Heat Exchanger Fouling​

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT)​

Asphalt or Oil Additive Evaluation, Effectiveness: B > C > D​

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