Traditional chromatographic separations take days and require large amounts of sample and solvent. Combining the Asphaltene Determinator™ (AD) and SAR (saturates, aromatics, and resins) separation provides access to a petroleum product “fingerprint” in less than 2 hours with only milligrams of sample. This new tool provides a way to determine aging, processing and blending guidelines. The patented SAR-AD™ works for paving and roofing asphalt binders, crude oils, aged pavement or shingle binders, blends with additives, and coal fractions. SAR-AD™ is described in FHWA-HRT-15-055.

Asphalt composition “black box” unveiled

Separation of the asphalt continuum into relevant pieces.


Asphalt Composition Fingerprinting Different Materials


Asphalt and Crude Oil Fingerprinting Implications

Asphaltene Determinator (AD™)

Asphaltene content “black box” unveiled

Asphaltene Determinator portion of (SAR-AD)

Some Implications of Asphaltene Content from AD™

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