100 Years Strong, A Legacy of Building a Better Tomorrow

As we celebrate a Centennial of Innovation, WRI stands at a pivotal moment. Fueled by a bold vision to substantially change the landscape of sustainability, WRI’s newly renovated campus located in Laramie, Wyoming has become a hub for developing groundbreaking technologies that provides solutions for the challenges of industry carbon footprint reduction and waste reutilization to secure a more sustainable future for all.

Picture the towering blades of windmills, beacons of a cleaner future on the vast plains. At the end of their journey what becomes of them? For most, they transform into mountains of waste ending up piling in our landfills. What about coal, a vast domestic resource which is the archetype of a long-standing fossil fuel that is so CO2 intensive when used for energy, catalyzing the growing concern of climate change.

Now imagine a time where those windmill blades transform into sustainable fibers and upcycled oils used to improve the durability and recyclability of roads while storing CO2 and wastes for a cleaner and cost-effective circular economy. What once were scraps discarded now become revolutionary building blocks for sustainable recycling. Imagine a world built by a reengineered version of coal that doesn’t pollute the skies but serves as an eco-friendly binding agent for a socially conscious roadway infrastructure. These are not fantasies, but real solutions that the WRI dedicated teams are tackling, together with other topics such as plastic waste processing, refining efficiency improvement or added value materials production from fossil fuel residues. This organization has a vision for a cleaner tomorrow and needs YOUR HELP to fully bring these efforts come to fruition.

Some of these discoveries are examples of the direct result of internal research primarily funded by WRI or the generosity of those that share the same concerns for energy, materials, and the planet. The path to implementation is extremely long from concept development, validation, upscaling, to commercialization and implementation. By directly contributing to this Centennial Campaign, YOU can help WRI turn concepts into ready-to-use solutions for the industry and show your support and investment in new crucial technologies for a better future for generations to come.

Please see About WRI and our Mission Statement to learn more about us. Click Centennial Campaign to donate. Names of donors, individuals, or entities will be publicized with their permission.

Contributions may qualify as eligible tax deductions – WRI is 501c3 non-profit.

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Additionally, these contributions qualify as a Qualified Charitable Distribution that can help offset your Required Minimum Distributions in your Individual Retirement Accounts. Please consult with your financial planner to help initiate these transactions.

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