Technologies, which are in the emerging phases of development, have requirements which are similar, but more specific than a pilot scale process. The Technology Development Laboratory (TDL) was designed to accommodate bench and process unit development (PDU) scale studies, which are intended to validate proof of concept. The 2330 square foot TDL facility is comprised of a high bay processing area, and chemical laboratory for routine analyses. As the emerging technology progresses, a pilot plant facility may be developed on-site.

Utilizing expertise in chemistry and engineering, the SET team will work in conjunction with clients to propose a design to address current industry issues. All designs are subjected to a Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOPS) prior to fabrication to minimize potentially hazardous situations. Safety is of the upmost priority, and the TDL facility has been equipped with an emergency shutdown and notification system, in the event that an emergency should occur; which will ultimately protect operators first and foremost, but will also protect equipment and facility assets.

Once a design concept has been approved by both parties, the project may officially enter the fabrication phase. Equipment may be sourced from our network of reputable suppliers, or repurposed from previous projects if applicable. After the system has been erected, the equipment will be subjected to a thorough leak check, cold and hot flow testing, and commissioning to ensure that all components are functioning safely and as intended.

Finally, the data collection and interpretation phase may begin. Comprehensive discussions of the data, including professional reports and presentations, may be developed for clients to aid in understanding the outcome of the project. The SET team will work with clients to propose modifications to the design or processing conditions in an effort to improve the product quality or economics.

Current Bench Scale Systems

A variety of small-scale reaction systems have been developed by the SET team, and are fully operational:

  • High temperature and high pressure stirred autoclaves, 100 and 600 mL

  • Isothermal, batch reaction studies in a sand bath

  • High temperature, continuous catalyst activity studies

  • High pressure, continuous flow catalyst evaluation studies.

Additional facility space may be available according to specific project requirements. Inquire to find out more about our site!

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